Hi, I am John

Welcome to my site Faith Passion. Since you are here, I am assuming you wish to know more about who I am. Hopefully this page will shed some light for you. God Bless!

This is My Story

So you really are interested in knowing about me?  What can I tell you then…

To start, my name is John and I make a living as a software developer/engineer.  I live south of Pittsburgh, PA with my loving wife of 19 years and my 3 children.  My youngest son is in the picture with me.  My two boys both are high functioning autistic (formerly Asperger).

We are big Disney fans and enjoy visiting Walt Disney World whenever we can.  We enjoy taking other trips to.  We have been to Colonial Williamsburg, Erie, and other places too.  One day I would like to visit Israel and Italy as well. Other than that we enjoy movies, food, games, etc and go through life like everyone else in the worlds.

But my true passion is to follow the path my Heavenly Father takes me on as he guides me.  I have not always been perfect and have lost my focus and strayed off the path many times through my life, but he always guides me back.

What I Believe…

I believe that our Heavenly Father is the creator of all things

I believe that Jesus is the Christ and son of God

I believe that Jesus gave himself on the cross to save us from our sins.

I believe that whosoever believes in Jesus shall have eternal life.

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